In this fast-changing world, even factors to consider for searching for a job are also changing. Most people say that salary is the best driver for productivity. However, things today are different. Check out what are the ideal things to consider when finding a job.

1.Purpose of the company

Have you read the book of Simon Sinek entitled Start With Why? In his book, he revealed how the most successful companies on Earth effectively communicate and manifest their purpose toward other people.

When finding a job, it is important what are the goals that the company you are eyeing on. Do their values enable them to reach their goals? With those goals and values, do you believe that they can do it?

2. People

One of the ideal things to consider when finding a job is the people inside the company. Are you aware of the culture they have? Are they people-oriented? Do they observe work-life balance?

Knowing the type of people inside the company is essential because this will reflect the culture that radiates within the company. Not to mention, culture breeds unity, which attributes in solidifying the values and goals of a company among the employees.

Most people said that it is through the culture that the quality of work emanates.

3. Growth of Opportunity

For fresh graduates, the more likely to seek growth opportunities than a high salary. They rather consider a company that has a career path that will help them develop their skills and potentials.

Having said that, you do not need to worry if your job entails specialized skills because if your employers see that you can be trained well, you can be considered. Respectively, employers prefer people who are genuine and well-mannered because these values are difficult to teach relative to skills.

So if you’re looking for a job, consider your career path in the company. What will happen to you after a year? What skills can you learn from your job? Most importantly, ask if there are trainings that can hone your abilities and enable you to have better outputs.

4. Company’s reputation

Aside from the purpose of the company, you should also consider what other people can tell about your future employer. Do they have labor issues? Do they compensate their employees well?

“The social aspect of this reputation — one of the many manifestations of corporate social responsibility — is increasingly appearing on the agendas of many senior management teams, specifically because of its perceived role in influencing key stakeholders, particularly employees,” as Maurice et al. stated in the report of MIT Sloan Management Review.

Being employed to a company that has a bad reputation is risky and it’s difficult for you to defend or speak on behalf of your company.

5. Location of the company

Another thing that you should consider when looking for a job is the location of the workplace. Some may prefer to travel or to be relocated. Yet, this will entail cost. Ask yourself with the offered salary, how much are you willing to spend commuting, and how much time needed for you to travel.

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