Most of the time when I asked my friends to have a bit of time to hang out with me for a little while, prepare food and listen to some music or watch something together just for the sake of having a good moment while enjoying a conversation about anything important, they usually say, “I have no time”. To many, these four words sounds seems so simple but what if we take a serious inquiry about it?  Honestly, I myself also has this dilemma for quite some time. There are times that I feel excited about having so many schedules for a week, for example; so excited that I let some of my friends know even if they don’t ask.

Being busy has become the norm these days, and we people sometimes feel proud about it, giving full details to others in explaining what keeps us active every day and what occupies our schedules. And if these things are for the family or for the children, of course, it would be such a total priority for many. This is normal for us being a human at these times; to think that we must exist as always being preparatory for the coming future. However, if we don’t stop, take a deep breath and observe the current moment, we will never be satisfied and will never appreciate life.   


We must work for the future, of course this is how all of us think. Just work and do not mind the time, this is how some of us makes things tolerable. But how many of us fall in line just to get the most of what we want? Sometimes, people work themselves to death not only to have food on the table and keep a roof above their heads but also to feed their desire for material gain or social status. I want more, and I want to have them soon! Do we really complain about this monstrous system that keeps us tied to the production machine that endlessly creates garbage, otherwise known as the economy? Are we happy seeing the people who has the most wealth and power, with so much time, controls everything, forcing us to live a very expensive life while at the same time, legally steal from us through both overt and covert corruption? Is this what we really want as a society or are we just not reacting on it? Is there really a need for us to rush and always want the next result of our superficial and sometimes nonsense actions? At the end of the day, have you tried looking around and ask why so many people do the same thing repeatedly for the rest of their lives?

When you get conscious, you will ask, where am I going? What kind of existence am I heading towards? Why I often think “I have no time”? Once you learn to ask these questions, usually asked by wise men, you will mostly won’t have regrets in the future as it will enable you to use your time effectively. Of course, if we want to, we have time; we just don’t manage them efficiently. But no matter what, you must put in mind that while you are still active and young, you must strive to equip your self with both physical and mental or psychological strengths through investing time for your self. Unlike people who are constantly chasing the next thing, you will enjoy the best times in your life more often rather than worrying about them.

So, do not wait for something that might not really come; never listen to the spells of the people who often promises hope in exchange of your precious time and energy. Or simply choose things wisely. Make time for your self. Spend time only to those who help you grow as a person. Realize that the truth is, we people has the power to create time through our hands by creating events, memories, happenings, situations, etc. that favor us and our interests.

It is true that we, as a society under the control of profit driven institutions, are really getting more and more pre-occupied these days. So sometimes, it is true when we say that we have no time. However, we can never be totally sure whether it is because of the way the system wants us to function daily or is it really a necessity because time and situations has been so radically different. It could also be both. However, we can tell through our experience and by how we use sound analyzation on things.

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Whatever really the case is, it is important that we don’t let ourselves be overwhelmed and overpowered by negativity and hopelessness; therefore, we must always remember that we can create our own meaning and define life on a very colorful and substantial definitions. We must work for our progression and our evolution but with appreciation towards the essence of every moment or the process or the present. Aside from this, we must also learn new things in life and face our responsibility to share our wisdom to people that matter to us.


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