Throughout a teen’s life, there are several possibilities for them to form new relationships. This may be a difficult period for middle and high school children, full of connections, roller coaster emotions, and peer pressure.

And the most terrifying thing you can fathom as a parent is your child being harmed or mistreated. Everyone, especially parents, has to be aware of and understand the indications and expectations of a good relationship as well as an abusive one.

Can you help your teen decide when a relationship is healthy? Guide them with these tips below.

Teach them about the relationship spectrum.

Understanding the relationship spectrum and the various indications that reflect an unhealthy, healthy or abusive relationship is critical. Here’s how to help your teen distinguish these types of relationships.

What exactly are healthy relationships?

It is when you can freely discuss relationship concerns and make decisions jointly. You like spending time together but may equally be content apart.

What occurs in toxic relationships?

The majority of choices are made by one individual. They may pressure the partner regarding sex or refuse to accept wrongdoing. In an unhealthy relationship, you feel compelled to spend all your time with your partner.

What are abusive relationships?

It’s when one person makes all decisions, including friend groups, sexual preferences, and limits. The abuser’s ultimate objective is to have absolute power and control. The victim may feel unable to communicate with others, particularly about what is truly happening in the relationship.

Is digital abuse happening?

Today, a more widespread type of abuse is digital abuse, enabled by technology. It includes excessive texting, pressure to give and receive unwelcome sexual photographs and texts, and social media harassment.

What are the common signs when your teens are involved in abusive connections?

  • Past extracurricular activities no longer hold your interest
  • Unidentified bruises or wounds
  • A discernible change in weight, attitude, or appearance
  • Issues with attendance at school
  • Separation from previous friends
  • Making justifications or expressing regret for a friend’s poor behavior

Teach them how to communicate honestly.

A successful teen relationship is built on open, honest, and secure communication. Therefore, they must:

  • Be sincere with their emotions.
  • Speak to one another!
  • If anything is upsetting them, they have to voice it out.
  • Respecting what each has to say may require that, at times, you agree to disagree.

Teach them healthy boundaries.

The key to enjoying fulfilling relationships is learning to set and adhere to appropriate limitations and boundaries. These are fair and secure agreements on acting with one another rather than strict and harsh restraints. They should be unrestricted to:

  • Spending time with their pals
  • Having privacy when they need it
  • Taking part in their favorite pastimes
  • Recognize that respectful partnerships occur when They both feel equal to one another.
  • Providing one another with the benefit of the doubt
  • Having faith in one another

Because being in a romantic relationship shouldn’t prevent you from communicating with or spending time with friends of the other sex.

How can you help?

Believe and trust your gut.  You can assist by emphasizing to your children’s peers the importance of having secure and healthy relationships. Talk to your teenagers’ peers in various social circles early on. Remember that your kid can mistakenly interpret “loving” expressions as abuse indicators.

Pay attention to the warning signs and keep communication open between you and your teen. And don’t forget to stress that your teen is not to fault for what is occurring. Let them understand and always remember that healthy relationships should make them happy. Everyone deserves to be in positive relationships.

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