With the recent pandemic, a lot of people experience anxieties and depression. Individuals struggled to find joy in their day-to-day lives. This article will impart some scientifically based tips on how to be happy and be more resilient in life.

Happiness does not mean you need to turn negatives into positive ones. It is not just a feeling but a skill that you can strengthen when you practice it. Here are the 5 cores of happiness of Nataly Koran which will support our well-being and help us go through tough times in life.

  1. Acceptance

In life, it is important to acknowledge our difficult situations and feelings rather than neglecting them. Learn to feed your brain clarity–brought by your true situations in life, not something that your brain is creating.

2. Gratitude

It is an active choice you need to make to appreciate small things in life even in the most difficult times. Some people know what is gratitude but only a few individuals who practice this value have benefited from it.

3. Self-care

This refers to ways how you love yourself–manifesting how you take care of your body, mental health, and emotions. Nataly emphasized that self-care is not a luxury but everyone’s responsibility. If you do not care about yourself, how can you show other people that you care for them?

4. Intentional kindness

It is how you show compassion to other people because you want them to be better without asking for anything in return. We need to let our brain feel that human as we are, we need to be connected to other people. We can do this by showing empathy and kindness to any kind without expecting something in return. The connection we create with other people is one way on how to be happy in life.

5. The bigger why

The clarity of our purpose in life is truly essential to be happy. This will remind us that the things we do every single day contribute to them what we want to be in the future and more importantly, to give an impact on something greater than ourselves. Nataly highlighted that if we do something each day, it is helpful to ask ourselves who does it help? Despite that we are having difficulty in doing this, we are shifting our minds to be a pro-social mindset.

These five cores of happiness can easily be incorporated into our daily lives. Keep in mind that we are what we practice. Making this happen will not only make you happy but certainly, you will be an inspiration to the people around you.

Source: https://www.happier.com/the-happier-method/

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