Many people say that life isn’t a competition. People grow in their own time. But did you ever come to a point where you ask why you aren’t successful with your life yet?

Making comparisons can be hard at times. It can sting so badly, mainly when you focus on other people’s achievements and triumphs. The most common questions people ask are, “I was better and smarter when we were still at school; why are they richer?”, “I have a lot of background in terms of business, but why did their company grow faster than mine?” or the one that keeps on hitting you is, “are they better than me?”

All these questions lead to harmful and sometimes hateful answers. It doesn’t solve your current problem. Here’s one thing people forget, you create your future. And sometimes, even when you’re not a big fan of goal setting, getting out of your comfort zone may be the best. Find out below why setting your goals can help you achieve success.

Is it necessary to set goals?

Absolutely! 100%! Everyone needs a plan.

Think about it. Without these pursuits, you have nothing to look forward to. The dreams you have will help you change for the better and grow. Part of the journey to setting goals is learning through different experiences that encourage you to push through with your plans to ultimately reach your life and career plans.

How do you get started?

It has got to be the most challenging part of goal setting, and many feel overwhelmed. It’s a natural thing since you’re still sorting out precisely the kind of career and growth you’d like to accomplish.

You begin by creating an action plan that can help you reach the success you’re aiming for. It’s a plan that will include steps you can take and list it all out. It could be forming a new positive habit, personal development, or business objectives. 

Focus on the “whys” you’re behind your life and career progress and formulate a goal-setting that is

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • You can take action
  • Risks are involved, whether you like it or not
  • The time element
  • It has to be exciting
  • It is incredibly relevant to your life’s purpose and what you truly want and deserve.

Should you type it in or write it down?

Sometimes people feel they can remember their goals better when they type them and have a reminder set. True, in this age of technology, why wouldn’t you use it to its full advantage?

However, statistics have shown that people who write down their goals regularly are more likely to accomplish them than those who don’t. Your brain is put to work whenever you write it down. It activates both the logic-based left hemisphere and imaginative right hemisphere, stimulating visual satisfaction.

It further boosts your motivation and improves focus. Writing is also effective in reducing stress, making you feel more at peace and have a more evident mindset. What’s more, you’ll acquire better techniques, understanding, and creating concrete plans that are measurable, attainable, and encouraging. Summarize and track down everything you’ve written to analyze and reflect on your current situation and what you’ve accomplished.

Goal setting isn’t always easy. Challenge yourself. You’re not meant to be stagnant in your position forever. True, setting goals can be a lot like trial and error. But by being consistent and committed, you’ll definitely reach success, and it’s all worth it.

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