As they say no pain no gain. But what’s the real explanation for this statement? Well, pain emboldens us differently, especially when we aim for ambitious goals.

At some point, we don’t like to experience pain but nature does not allow this to occur without any purpose. Thus, pain directs us to where we should be heading. However, we should not avoid pain because conquering it is a manifestation that we become progressive in life. We were able to go through our challenges because we pushed ourselves to our limits. And when you push yourself to the limits, you are indeed maximizing your potentials. Indeed, we become better versions of ourselves when we choose to grow beyond our comfort zones.

Accordingly, it is not the conquering part that made us strong but it is when we reflected on our tough times. Stepping back for a moment to ponder how we were able to overcome pain and what we have become after it is significant matters that shape us to better individuals.

“Many people who have endured setbacks that seemed devastating at the time ended up as happy as (or even happier than that) they originally were after they successfully adapted to them,” Ray Dalio written in his book, the Principles.
The truth about pain is to make us understand the reality– if you want to aim for something big, work hard for it. Do not be afraid to create mistakes or fail because if we are open with our weaknesses it will help us deal with them better. The quality of our life depends on the choices we make at those painful moments, and this is how pain emboldens us. Even the worst circumstances in life can be made better with the right approach.


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