As we grow old in this life we encounter so many unfamiliar things and we discover various things that would later become part of our sense of identity; influencing our actions and thoughts and the way we organize ourselves towards our future; in cohesion to the community and the society we live in. Along with this, we experience pain, terror, joy, anger, bliss, etc. but we grow from these experiences and from our mistakes if we sincerely answer to the realizations our inner self is showing us. An in this process of transition, we become mature in the aspect of our metaphysical self; thus, we gain enough amount of wisdom that help strengthens our mental aspect and virtues as a person, allowing us to become more resilient and healthy in traversing our journey.


To guide their emotional and psychological growth, here are some of the things that “self-aware” people do or try to maintain:

Accepting errors and mistakes

Of course, people with healthy minds know that perfection does not exist and that in our daily decisions and choices, it’s normal to commit mistakes. That’s why it’s necessary to accept that no one is perfect and that things don’t turn out well all the time as we want them to be.

Forgiving their parents

Most of us have tough childhood and we carry this on our present. It is helpful to be aware about our negative feelings towards our past and instead, turn it into acceptance for us to be able to heal from our trauma and unfulfilled childhood needs. For most of us, our parents have their part in letting our inner void grow wider and deeper as a kid but however, understand that they are unaware victims of dysfunctional family system too so much like us so it’s better to remove bitterness from your heart and work harder for your personal development.   


Empathizing to people

Sometimes, people commit errors and behave badly or irrationally because of their unstable mental condition or their stress and problems in life. So this is not permanent. Understanding that other people’s negative behaviors are sometimes because of fear, insecurity, negative experiences, or anxiety and not necessarily because they are stupid or horrid is very important to help us maintain our sense of freedom.

Conveying message properly and clearly

Knowing that your thoughts cannot be easily understood by others is very important. People don’t see imagery of your mind when they look or listen to you that’s why you have to express your feelings and intentions well with calmness and clarity.

Knowing their thoughts and its emotional impact

Understand the nature of mood and your feelings and its influence on your actions and decisions. It is very important to cultivate emotional intelligence and to learn how to control or at least guide your feelings, especially anger, because they can negatively affect your quality of life  

Letting go of unnecessary grievances and resentments

Most of us are somehow victims of poverty and some sense of social inequality. Most of us are economically struggling; working too much to provide ourselves the basic needs while others grow richer and richer without so much effort and even by exploiting other people and including the environment. However, constantly clamoring against the people we can’t see and talk to will only destroy us in the long run. That’s why do not let hatred dwells in your heart; reclaim your life because you are not always a worthless victim of oppression.

And lastly, practicing honest and proper communication skills

Spiritually elevated people are individuals that have higher realizations from experiences in life. And being one, they always try to be assertive, clear, and honest in their communication style. In talking to other people, they are neither aggressive nor passive and they always make sure that their thoughts and desires are expressed, understood, and acknowledged properly.    


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