You woke up after a long and tiring night. You didn’t sleep enough and feel like today wouldn’t be a great day. But then, you look around you. You find a tiny speck of peace in the chaos and feel grateful. Suddenly, as you embrace the feeling of gratitude, you’re hopeful that it’ll be different and sound today.

People go through many emotions in their lifetime.

And among the most powerful ones is gratitude. In truth, many people do not realize how this prevailing emotion can make your life a whole lot better in many ways!

Do you often feel thankful for all the fantastic things in your life? Did you know that even the little things impact your psyche? And as you habitually, noticing what’s going amazing in your life can benefit your emotional, psychological, and overall health? Did that interest you? If you want to know how to live in gratitude, change your life, and improve your positivity, do these tips below.

Have a Gratitude Journal

Do you love to write? Does it feel natural to you? Do you think a whole lot better after writing down your thoughts? Then having a gratitude journal with you can offer you a high potential strategy for living gratitude.

The journal becomes an effective method and a gratitude intervention tool. As it’s a strategy, you must set a time for writing it down in your journal.

The best times would be in the morning, lunchtime, on your coffee break, before bedtime, or when you simply feel like you are grateful for something. It doesn’t matter if mundane things or the sweetest gestures you’ve received all day, month, or year. Don’t forget the people who mean a lot to you.

Adding entries every day helps a lot with your goal. The advantages of having a thankfulness journal are:

  • Improves physical health
  • Promotes your spiritual growth
  • Enhances your mental well-being
  • Reduces the stress
  • Develops your relationships deeper
  • Helps you sleep a lot better

Lead a happier and more positive psychological state. Express your gratitude one entry at a time.

Have official accountability, buddy!

How do you choose your official accountability buddy? It can actually be a friend, colleague or partner who, at the moment, shares your commitment to creating their gratitude practice. It’ll be an excellent activity for you as you share your thoughts. This’ll amplify the feeling of gratitude even more so because you have someone with you.

Express yourself!

Have you ever tried expressing your gratitude outwardly? Did you recognize all those who aided you in bringing it into its being? Never back away from the opportunity to express your gratitude. Being thankful and sharing your appreciation boosts the blessings to come your way.

Embracing happiness!

Dark times happen, and it’s usually out of your control. Because of the circumstance, you find yourself going through a sense of guilt over other people’s unhappiness significantly when it eclipses your joyous moments.

The thing is, when you accept happiness as it is, it makes you stronger. It makes you even more resilient. Celebrate your joy; embrace it in its complete form. Take note of your triumphs and be grateful.

Living in gratitude takes a lot of practice for it to become a regular habit. Recognizing the beautiful things in life despite some undesirable situations relieves you from stress. It supports you to have a positive emotion instead. Seeing through a different perspective helps you also live in gratitude each day. The feeling and showing of gratitude will always make your day better. Start doing it now.

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