The values of evolution play a vital role in life. These equip us to be better every single day. As Charles Darwin reminded us that it is not the strongest nor the smartest species that can survey but it is the one that can adapt to change. Here are the explanations why evolution matters.

The first value that evolution taught us is it is the most permanent thing in the world. In the book of Ray Dalio, the Principles, he stated that all things get reconfigured in evolving forms.

“Remember that energy can’t be destroyed– it can only be reconfigured. So the same stuff is continuously falling apart and coalescing in the different forms,” Dalio stated.

Importantly, it is the evolution that enables us to adapt in order to improve. With organizations, if your operations could not adapt to the rapid change of technologies, you will miss the opportunity to grasp growth brought by improvements.

For that reason, one of the values of evolution in life is being the greatest reward. As technologies advance, people become more equip in their daily routines. We work smarter and become more productive. It is the reward that mankind needs– to be better individuals to acquire a better quality of life.

Dealing with evolution helps you to fully grasp the reality that we should not be satisfied in maintaining the status quo because present problems can be addressed by changing what we currently have. And changing for the better entails sacrifices. Along the way, we need do push ourselves to the limits to acquire change even though pain might occur. But remember pain emboldens us to be great. Therefore, evolution allows us to choose which path in life we are willing to take.


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